We understand at NEWOD that perhaps your prospective clients are in an agreement with their chosen supplier or are not in a position to discuss your product or services at that very moment. We can offer to record and send you Future Sales Leads, so that you can build up a database of strong sales leads to contact in future. We will provide you with the name of their chosen supplier, contract length and end date and any other relevant information you require. 


We know that each company operates differently and has varied aspirations when it comes to new sales opportunities.

Our aim at NEWOD is to come up with a bespoke solution that fits around your business budget. Please get in contact for more details.

Sometimes the best way to provide you with quality sales opportunities is in the form of scheduled calls. NEWOD will help identify the correct decision maker and setup a scheduled phone call between you and the prospect at a convenient time for both parties, allowing you to promote your business services to the prospect in the most efficient manner.

At NEWOD we understand that in some cases the best way to promote your business is to meet your prospective clients face to face.

We can create these valuable opportunities

by calling your prospective clients and

co-ordinating a suitable time for you to meet and sell your business/product to the prospect.